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Age of Ascension -- Annual rite of passage when a Klingon recites his warrior vows by reciting the following verse in Klingon:
"Today I am a warrior. I must show you my heart. I travel the river of blood."
"Ak'la bella do" -- folk song
Ak'voh -- tradition in which the comrades of a dead person protect the body, so his spirit can leave
Aktuh and Melota -- opera


I.K.S. B'Moth -- K'tinga class battle cruiser destroyed in 2373
baH -- "fire!"
bahgol -- beverage best served warm
B'aht Qul challenge -- traditional game of strength where they attempt to push the other's arms
baktag -- insult
baldric -- traditional warrior's sash adorned with awards
Barak-Kadan -- male opera singer
bat-LEH -- "honor"
Bat'leth, Order of the -- Elite warriors honored for their courage and strength
bat'leth -- traditional "sword of honor," two meters long
bekk -- an enlisted rank of the Klingon defense force
blood oath -- a vow of vengeance which can never be broken
bloodwine -- variety of red Kgn. wine
Boreth -- in the promise of Kahless, the planet to which he will return to
brak'lul -- term for characteristic redundancy in Klingon anatomy
brek'tal ritual -- After an honorable fight with the head of a house, the winner is the new head
B'rel-class Bird of Prey -- Small bird of prey with a crew of 12
Bre'Nan ritual -- the rite before a wedding where the groom's mother judges the bride for worthiness
I.K.S. Burak -- bird of prey last in use 2367


Caves of Kahless -- caves on Qo'noS where the Day of Honor ritual is held
Cha Worf Tohgah-nah lo Pre'tOk -- "For he's a jolly good fellow."
cha'DIch -- a "second" who stands with a warrior during ceremonial challenges/trials
chancellor -- leader of the Klingon High Council
chech'tluth -- alcoholic beverage
CHEGH-chew jaj-VAM jaj-KAK! -- "It is a good day to die!"


D7 Klingon Battle Cruiser -- pretty much self-explanatory
DaH! -- "Now!"
Dahar Master -- highly honored title only for the greatest of warriors
d'akturak -- term for "ice man"
Dark Time -- 10 years in ancient history ruled by a council elected by the people. (2nd-3rd dyns.)
darseks -- the currency at the Klingon outpost on Maranga IV
Day of Honor -- Annual Klingon rite of passage with many things involved in the ritual
d'blok -- animal
divorce, Klingon -- a declaration of divorce and a ritual striking
("N'Gas tlhogh cha!" -- "Our marriage is done!")
d'k tahg -- traditional warrior's knife with two blades separating from the bottom (similar to sai).
Dream of the Fire, The -- classic Klingon literature by K'Ratak
Du'cha -- "on speakers."



"Fall of Kang, The" -- poem by G'Trok
Fek'Ihr -- mythical beast guarding the gates to Gre'thor
First City -- seat of government on Qo'noS


gagh -- serpent worms: a culinary delicacy served live
ghojmok -- term for "nursemaid"
ghoptu -- "hand"
Ghos! -- "Make it so!"
gik'tal -- "to the death"
gin'tak -- an advisor trusted to become part of the family/house
gladst -- leafy brown foodstuff
glob fly -- insect half the size of an Earth mosquito
G'now juk Hol pajhard -- Law of heredity: a son shall share in the honors or crimes of his father
Gorath -- site with bad sulfer lagoons which one must traverse on the Day of Honor
gorch -- pimple
Gowron -- former leader of the empire. Worf killed him and gave the title to Chancellor Martok.
Grail of Kahless -- sacred chalice of Kahless. One drinks mot'loch from a replica on the Day of Honor
grapok sauce -- condiment
grint hound -- Klingon quadruped animal
I.K.S. Gr'oth -- D7 battle cruiser decomissioned, last in use 2267
Gre'thor -- place where dishonored go to die (similar to Christian hell)
Grishnar cat -- animal


Ha'DIBah -- insult: "animal"
Hall of Heros -- ceremonial building on Ty'Gokor with massive statues of great past warriors
Hamar -- mountain range on Qo'noS; Var'Hama candles made of targs' shoulders captured here & sacrificed
heart of targ -- traditional dish, also consumed on the Day of Honor
Hechu' ghos -- "set course"
Hegh 'bat ceremony -- "The time to die": ritual Kgn suicide when a man cannot face his enemies
I.K.S. Hegh'ta -- bird of prey last in use in 2368
I.K.S. Hor-CHA -- starship
Hur'g -- "outsider"; can also mean an invader


I.K.S. -- Imerpial Klingon Ship
In'Cha -- "begin"


ja'chuq -- ancient part of the rite of succession stating how a new high council leader is chosen
jak'tahla - Klingon puberty with mood swings, aggressive tendancies, and gorches
Jat'yIn -- term for spiritual posession; the taking of the living body by the dead spirit
JatIh -- "speak!"
jIH dok -- "my blood" used as a marriage vow
(maj dok is then stated to seal a marriage vow, meaning "our blood")
jinaq -- traditional jeweled amulet, given to a daughter when she is ready to mate


KadIo -- "thank you"
"Kahless and Lukara" -- opera of the two lovers in the title
Kahless the Unforgettable -- 1500 years ago he united the Klingon Empire & promised to return
(similar to Christian Jesus, except Jesus was persecuted)
kajanpak't -- word for "courage"; also to-Duq
Kal'Hyah -- mental & spiritual journey of a man 4 days before marriage with 6 trials and fellowship
Kang -- legendary warrior
kava -- culinary ingredient, especially used in raktajinos
Keedera -- great writer of Kgn. epic songs
kellicam -- a distance of approximately 2 kilometers
khi-GHOS -- "Let's go."
Klach D'Kel Brakt, Battle of -- victory of Klingons over the Romulans in 2270
Kling -- district or city on Qo'noS
Klingon Civil War -- power struggle between the houses of Gowron & Duras from 2367-2368
Klingon death ritual -- the eyes of a fallen warrior are opened and his comrades howl
Klingon skull stew -- delicacy
Knife of Kirom -- artifact stained with the blood of Kahless
KoH-man-ara -- prescribed move in Kgn. Mok'bara
kolar beast -- animal
Koliay -- term for "student"
kor'tova candles -- ritual candles representing fire in the heart in First Rite of Ascension
Kor -- legendary warrior: Dahar Master who led the battle in 2270 against the Romulans
I.K.S. Korinar -- warship last in use 2372
Korma Pass -- strategic area defended by legendary Kor
koruts -- derogitory term
Kot'baval Festival -- celebration on Maranga IV of the victory of Kahless over Molor.
krada legs -- culinary dish of broiled lower appendages of a small animal
K'retok -- warrior under General Martok
Kri'stak Volcano -- mountain on Qo'noS where forged the first Bat'leth
K't'inga-class battle cruiser -- conjectural name: an updated D7 type starship
K'Trelan -- historic figure who killed emperor Reclaw, ending the second dynasty
kut'luch -- weapon used by Klingon asassins: a serrated blade which makes serious wounds
K'Vort-class battle cruiser -- large bird of prey; larger version of B'rel class
kyamo -- "attractive"


lach'tel -- "boyfriend"
Len'mat -- "adjourned"
lingta -- game animal indigeonous to Qo'noS
Lukara -- great Klingon lady and wife to Kahless
Lursor -- lake on Qo'noS where Kahless finished forging the first bat'leth


mahk-cha -- "engage"
I.K.S. Maht-H'a -- Vor'cha class attack cruiser last in use in 2369
maj-Kkah -- "well done"
maj ram -- "good night"
MajQa, Rite of -- deep meditation in the lava caves of No'Mat
mak'dar -- insult
Maktag -- a division of the Klingon calendar approximately equal to an Earth month
Maranga IV -- class-M planet: Kgn. outpost and also holds the Kot'baval festival
martini, Klingon -- beverage of vermouth, gin, and a dash of bloodwine
Martok degh, to-Duq degh, bat-LEH degh, mat-LEH degh --
"Badge of Martok, badge of courage, badge of honor, badge of loyalty"
Martok, General -- important leader of the Klingon military
Ma'Stakas -- ceremonial clubs: immediately after a wedding, the couple is beat by the groom's friends
(this dates back to the marriage of Kahless and Lukara)
mat-LEH -- "loyalty"
Mauk-to 'Vor -- ritual: the honor of a person is restored by the one responsible for loss of honor
I.K.S. M'Char -- bird of prey last in use in 2372
Mek'ba -- In Klingon justice, the part of the trial when the evidence is heard
Mek'leth -- a sword about 1 meter in length
Mekro'vak -- region on Qo'noS
mev yap -- "stop"
mevak -- dagger for ceremonies like the Mauk-to 'Vor
mind-sifter -- probes a person's thoughts during interrogation causing brain damage at high settings
(Vulcans are immune to this device)
Mok'bara -- ritual martial arts resembling Earth tai chi
Mok -- "begin"
Molor -- tyrant emperor on Qo'noS during the time of Kahless, 1500 years ago
Morath -- fought for 12 days and nights; is the brother of Kahless
Morska -- Klingon planet
mot'loch -- potent drink
MoVas ah-kee rustak -- "Today was a good day to die."


N'yengoren strategy -- battle tactic against a fortified ground base
naDev ghos! -- "Come here!"
I.K.S. Negh'Var -- flagship last in use in 2372
nIb'poH -- similar to human déjà vu
No'Mat -- planet containing lava caves in which happens the Rite of MajQa



I.K.S. Pagh -- K'Vort class battle cruiser last in use in 2365
pahtk -- insult
painstik -- Electronic devise similar to a cattle prod used in the Rite of Ascension.
par'Mach -- "love" (includes more agressive overtones)
par'machkai -- term of endearment for one's romantic partner
Par'tok -- cargo vessel
pejuta -- beverage often served hot
pipius claw -- traditional Klingon food dish
Praxis -- former moon of Qo'noS which exploded in 2293


qa'vak -- traditional game in which a spear is thrown through a 1/2m hoop rolling through stakes. If successful, you shout, "ka'la!"
Qab jIH nagil -- Klingon ritual challenge: "Face me if you dare!"
Qam-Chee -- Ancient village on Qo'noS where the battle with Kahless took place 1500 years ago took place
Qa'pla -- "success" (often used as a greeting and farewell)
Qay'be' -- "no problem"
QiVon -- "knee"
Qo'noS -- Klingon homeworld
Q'orat -- member of the Klingon High Council
I.K.S. Qu'Vat -- Vor'cha class attack cruiser last in use 2369
qu'vatIh -- stubborn Klingon animal
Qui'Tu -- in Klingon mythology, the source of all creation
Quin'lat -- an ancient city on Qo'noS where a great storm occurred 1500 years ago


R'Cho M'Kota -- the first and only Klingon to play parrises squares professionally
R'uustai -- ceremony in which two or more individuals become brothers and/or sisters
racht -- similar to gagh but with larger serpent worms
raktajino -- beverage similar to coffee
Reclaw -- last emperor of the Second Klingon Dynasty
Rite of Succession -- the process in which a new leader is chosen for the Klingon High Council after the last one's death
Ritual of 20 painstiks -- Gauntlet of Klingon warriors wield painstiks to test a warrior's mettle for the Day of Honor
rokeg blood pie -- traditional Klingon dish, also used in the Day of Honor
rop'ngor -- disease afflicting Klingon children similar to Human measels.
Rorg -- Male character in "Women Warriors at the River of Blood"
I.K.S. Rotarran -- bird of prey last in use in 2374


sark, Klingon -- animal similar to the Earth horse
Second Klingon Dynasty -- ruled by Emperor Reclaw and ended when General K'Trelan killed Reclaw
selot -- term for "sex"
serpent of Xol -- legendary beast slain by Kahless
Shenara -- daughter of Emperor Reclaw of the Second Klingon Dynasty
Shroud of the Sword -- ancient cloth which once wrapped the Sword of Kahless
Sirella -- wife of General Martok, daughter of Linkasa
so'wI'chu' -- "engage" or "activate"
Soh-chIm -- legally appointed guardian or surrogate mother
Sompek -- emperor in ancient historic times conquered by Tong Vey
"Sonchi" ceremony -- "he is dead" a ceremony confirming the death a leader
Sowee TAH -- "decloak"
Sto-Vo-Kor -- Klingon version of Heaven


I.K.S. T'Acog -- K't'inga class cruiser destroyed in 2364
T'gha maneuvar -- illegal move in formal bat'leth competitions
t'gla -- derogatory term
I.K.S. T'Ong -- K't'inga class cruiser launched in 2290 and last in use in 2365
Tanas, General -- warrior commanding Vor'nak
targ -- furry pig-like Klingon animal
Tawi'Yan -- "sword-bearer" In a Klingon wedding, similar to the best man
Third Klingon Dynasty -- period after the Dark Time; a new imperial family was set up
TlhIngan jIH -- "I am a Klingon" solemnizes a marriage vow
to-Duq -- "courage"
I.K.S. Toh'Kaht -- Vor'cha class attack cruiser destroyed in 2369
tohzah -- Klingon expletive
Torch of G'boj -- acient sacred Klingon artifact
Torom-class shuttlecraft -- small, short-range Klingon shuttle
Toruk-DOH -- vile Klingon curse
tova'dok -- moment of clarity for 2 warriors on the battlefield
Tranome Sar -- site of a battle between the Klingons and Romulans
Ty'Gokor -- fortified planet in an asteroid field in Klingon space



Vagh -- warrior and governor of the Kriosian system
var'Hama candles -- candle made of animal fat used in special ceremonies
I.K.S. Vor'nak -- attack cruiser last in use in 2374
Vorch-doh-baghk! -- "All hail!" a ritual greeting for Kahless
I.K.S. Vorn -- bird of prey last in use in 2367


wachk ihw, wachk kkor-duh -- "one blood, one house" used in wedding vows
wedding, Klingon -- very similar to a Human wedding but with Klingon vows and rituals (more detail in the S.T. Encyclopedia)
"Woman Warriors at the River of Blood" -- Klingon romance novel
Worf -- first Klingon to join Starfleet



I.K.S. Y'tem -- bird of prey last in use in 2373
ya'nora kor -- an accusation that a parent is unfit to raise his/her child
I.K.S. Ya'Vang -- battle cruiser last in use in 2374
Yan-Isleth -- Klingon military unit known as Brotherhood of the Sword
yih-Ghom-HAH -- "dismissed"
yIntagh -- Klingon expletive


zark -- riding animal similar to the Earth horse
zilm'kach -- segmented, orange, Klingon foodstuff

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